About Us

A delightful customer experience is the one thing every business must get right or risk being left behind. But the sheer pressure of this reality, combined with the difficulty of grasping customer context, makes it incredibly hard for business leaders to turn their customer experience aspiration into an actionable strategy.
Many take shortcuts and end up spending time tracking consumer trends, innovations, and inventions. Only to go reaching for whatever’s ‘in’ at the moment. Deploy AR in-store, inject AI into systems, station chatbots all over a website – voilà! You are delivering a great customer experience.
At best, this creates momentary success. Often, this is a waste of time and money. Resources are squandered when a trendy change falls short of its grand promise. At its worst, a reactive approach to customer experience alienates customers, destroys hard-won goodwill, and eats into the bottom line.
The most delightful kinds of customer experiences reflect conscious thought. They are intentional in the design and mindful in the application. Most importantly, they clearly demonstrate a commitment to customer-centricity.
This is why we created The CX Review:

To inspire customer-centric experience strategies.

We look at customer experience from the perspective of customer service, marketing, and sales leaders, but decode prevalent notions across each from a place of first principles, not fast formulas. We are committed to publishing pieces that offer interesting points of view on all matters of CX so that business leaders can level up to the day’s challenges and create experiences that not only delight customers but also deliver lasting business value.
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